For the most part, major problems with cars are preventable. Within a well-functioning automobile are contained many highly-engineered systems. These systems depend on being regularly maintained to perform safely and with peak performance.

Examples of car systems that need to be inspected and maintained regularly include:

  • The tread, wear and level of inflation of tires: tires should be changed when their tread becomes too worn or if they suffer damage resulting in deflation, which cannot be repaired.
  • The suspension and steering systems of a car should be checked by professionals regularly, at least once per year, if not twice. Key components, such as tie-rods and ball-joints are essential to the safe operation of any motor vehicle.
  • Brakes need to be inspected by professionals on a regular basis. Brake pads, shoes, discs, drums, lines and fluid levels are among essential checks, which should be made regularly.
  • The engine of a car produces a great amount of heat, which is cooled by an efficient cooling system. Ensuring that a sufficient level of properly mixed coolant is always present in a radiator is essential to a car's operation.
  • Modern car engines are precision engineered and require regular maintenance to perform well and prevent damage. Car engines regularly need belts, spark plugs, wires, distributor caps, oil, oil filters and air filters inspected and replaced.
  • Car batteries have definite lifespans, should be tested at regular intervals and changed if needed. Simple tests performed can ensure that the electrical system of a car is functioning as it should be.

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